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Machine trailer

At Nordic Trailer you will find your next machine trailer in the highest quality. We are a small company which is deeply specialized in meeting the needs of the professional transportation industry.

Here you can find a machine trailer for every purpose – built in Germany, adapted to Scandinavia based on many years of experience, flexibility and quality.

Flexibility and quality ensure the best workflow

A machine trailer must fit the task to ensure you the professional experience, where the trailer brings extra benefit to the task.

At Nordic Trailer, we offer products for all types of tasks that solve your tasks in the best possible way.

In addition to varying weight, size and individual adaptations to your specific needs, we find together solutions that are most valuable for your particular business.

A bespoke machine trailer

At Nordic Trailer, we know the importance of the right equipment. When the equipment works, we rarely give it a thought, but solve the task accurately and efficiently. Conversely, the wrong equipment kills the flow of any workflow – and requires extra energy before the task is solved.

That is why we offer you to tailor a machine trailer that matches your needs 1: 1. We listen to your wishes, build an individual solution and deliver a strong trailer that meets all your needs and gives you extra benefits with every single transport task.

Whatever type of machine trailer you prefer, we look forward to providing a quality solution – always at competitive prices.

Contact us on +45 21 25 99 88 or to hear more about your options.