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Trailer for truck

At Nordic Trailer you will find a wide selection of trailers for tow trucks. You both have the opportunity to invest in some of the market’s absolute best transport solutions from Nordic Trailer, just as we can adapt the solution to your individual needs.

A trailer for a tow truck must of course be powerful and easy to operate. In addition, it is important that the installation of the truck can be done quickly and safely, as it helps you to be able to deliver the goods as cost-effectively as possible.

At Nordic Trailer, you will find solutions that provide optimal conditions for loading / unloading and handling.

The solution to your needs

Nordic Trailer collaborates with some of the market’s best subcontractors such as HRD, as well as our own Nordic Trailer brand, produced in Germany – at one of the most murderous factories in Europe.

In addition, you have the opportunity to get a customized solution that is built 100% to your wishes and needs – whether it is for a trailer for a truck or other transport products.

With a solution that matches your needs, you get the best conditions to increase productivity in daily work. Being able to use your truck quickly and efficiently provides a completely different flexibility, which benefits both the driver and the company.

We offer Ice Roof / load securing XL approvals from TÜV in Germany in different variants, and quick closing – a one-handed operated and time-saving opening and closing of the tarpaulins, made with us in stainless steel, we call it Easy go / easy close.

Quality craftsmanship built on experience

Do you have special requirements for your trailer for a tow truck, e.g. forced steering or otherwise, you can safely count on our expertise.

At Nordic Trailer, we develop in step with our surroundings and the modern requirements for load handling and delivery solutions, always with approvals from TÜV so your trailer is future-proof.

We are happy to help you with completely new and innovative solutions, we build based on our long industry experience. It creates growth and value for both parties.

Contact us on +45 21 25 99 88 or and hear more about your options for a modern solution for tow trucks.